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I was born and grown up in Milan where I graduated in business economy. I was brought up in a family, whose library wall is full of books about Painters, old architecture and old crafts, this awakened in me an early very sensitive interest to a large variety of Arts and Crafts.  My mother is still an active painter using several techniques and supports,  my father, a Physician, had a strong inclination towards painting too. As a result, since I was a child, I have always felt great attraction to Arts and handcrafting. I have started to express my creativity in a lot of ways, discovering myself very attracted and interested in creating, designing and producing unusual pieces. I cannot say I’m an artist but I love thinking of myself as an eclectic self-taught person able to give artistic interpretations.

I create many different objects, but not as much as my passionate spirit would be able to produce. At the moment I range over designing, painting and wood carving but my favourite activity is creating unique precious jewels.

I draw inspiration from the enchantment of the silence of the two places where luckily I lived for more than 15 years:  the Egyptian Red Sea and  the Swiss Alps. In these two frames, colours and shapes of nature are suggesting me continuously ideas and materials.

My jewels take life from my senses, always searching for natural refined materials: rare  woods, precious and original stones, mammoth tusk, prehistoric shark teeth, fossils and antique Chinese mother of pearl gaming counters and Jades.

Every piece represents a Love Poem to Mother Nature

Free spirit, passionate, eclectic, creative, in love with Nature, that’s me and what my creations are.

Each of my jewels is a living part of my soul.


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